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Next Sermon Series: God's 2020 Vision for Calvary Church

Beginning on January 3rd, Pastor Frank will begin a new sermon series focused on the Biblical basis for Calvary Church’s new Vision Statement: “Together, We Will Pray, Give, and Go.” Throughout 2015, the Elder Council, Ministry Leaders, and congregation talked and prayed through a 5 year plan culminating in 2020. We believe that God is calling Calvary Church – TOGETHER as a church family, we will PRAY for God’s power, as we give wholly of ourselves to GO into a broken world and make mature followers of Christ. This vision is bold and is motivated by God’s Word. The purpose of this sermon series that will encompass the entire 1st quarter of 2016 is to motivate everyone who calls Calvary Church their home to get involved totally. Each week, all of our Life Transforming Small Groups will engage in a deeper study of Sunday’s sermon topic that should engage the hearts of our attendees. Anyone interested in the adventure of an eternity is encouraged to join us on Sundays and in our small groups.

Have a listen to some of the recent sermons below (click more for a full listing).  

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