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Plan for Growing Disciples
We are commanded by Jesus to “make disciples.” Our study of Scripture indicates to us that Calvary Church needs a Discipleship Plan that is:
  • Scriptural
  • Intentional – has clear next steps for people to grow
  • Balanced – in all five directives
  • Simple

The table below contains our entire Discipleship Plan. You will notice that it meets all four of our specifications and is merged with our Mission Statement. We see this as a skeleton or framework within which a person can grow as a fully devoted follower of Christ.

Mission: Love God, Love Others, Share Christ
Mission, Vision,
Love God Love Others Share Christ
Class 101 Membership:
Deciding if This is
Your Church Home
201 Discipleship:
Disciplines to Grow
301 Ministry: Finding
Your S.H.A.P.E. for
401 Evangelism: Sharing
the Good News
Salvation, Baptism
Daily Bible study
and prayer, tithing,
other disciplines
Relational evangelistic
lifestyle, participate in
outreach events
Weekly attendance at
Sunday Service
Weekly or bi-weekly
Life Change
Small Group
Ministry: Sunday Service,
Small Groups, Children
and Teen Ministries
Local Outreach
Missions, Administration
Alignment with
5 Purposes
Worship Fellowship

The entry level class under “Love God” is “Class 101 Membership: Deciding If This is Your Church Family.” It is 2 hours long and offered every other month. The expected next steps to “Love God” would be salvation (receiving Christ as Savior), baptism (one’s first act of obedience as a Christian, offered quarterly), membership at Calvary Church (everyone needs to commit to a body of believers as his/her church family), and weekly attendance at Sunday Service.

The entry level class for “Love Others,” is Class 201 Discipleship: Disciplines to Grow Spiritually.” It will be four hours long and offered 3-4X/yr. The expected next steps to “Love Others” would be the establishment of strong personal Christian disciplines (daily Bible study and prayer, journalling, Scripture memory, tithing, etc.) and weekly participation in a Life Change Small Group. Life Change Small Groups will be made up of approximately 10 people who will focus on helping each other grow through Bible study personal application and prayer. This is where we will give/get encouragement to grow wherever we are in our quest to become more like Jesus.

You can sign up now by contacting the leader. Each group chooses their own studies based on the needs of the group.  Our vision is that all teens and adults will have a small group. We hope to provide a teen Life Change Small Group in the near future.

There are two entry level classes for “Share Christ.” They are Class 301: Finding Your S.H.A.P.E. for Ministry and Class 401 Evangelism: Sharing the Good News. Both will will be 4 hrs. long. The expected next steps to “Share Christ” are a personal relational evangelistic lifestyle (naturally sharing the Good News with everyone you know), participating in outreach events, and involvement in one ongoing ministry of Calvary Church. Our ministries will be focused on our priorities (we are not a mega-church) as shown.

Calvary Church is committed to providing you with the framework to grow as disciples of Jesus. The commitment for your personal growth is between the Holy Spirit and you. We should all encourage each other to grow and commit to the appropriate next steps of growth.