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Missionary Focus July 2017


In a recent letter John asked the question: “What do you do

when a majority of your church attendees are either dealing

with homelessness, extreme poverty, joblessness, drug

addiction, health problems and the enticement or oppression of

gangs? Do you just ignore their requests for help and tell

people that you are here exclusively to save souls?”

John continues: “As I have tried to figure out how one should go about church planting in the inner-city, particularly as it

pertains to this tension, I've landed on these three essentials

for now:

1. Unconditional acts of mercy and justice are part of being the church and people of God

2. Sometimes, you have to stabilize to proclaim the Good News

3. People are made in the image of God and so they and their lives are valuable”

John and Jenny appreciate our prayers as they plant God’s church in Providence, RI


Col 4:2 "Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving"

Compassion Focus
Short Term Missions


Watch this space for further details.

Our Missionaries

Anne Aldin - Global Outreach Mission (GOM)

Anne reaches out to French-speaking people throughout Europe and Africa with the Gospel of Christ. She provides correspondence courses and encouragement by mail to those who contact the radio station “La Voix de l’Evangile” (the Voice of the Gospel).


Paul & Lucinda Bentley - Pioneers

Paul and Lucinda live and work among the Quechua people in Bolivia. They are involved with the radio station “Mosoj Chaski” (New Messenger) which broadcasts the good news of Jesus Christ to the Quechua people. Paul serves as the Regional Leader for the Americas and Lucinda serves children at risk.


Pat Butler - Operation Mobilisation (OM)

Calvary Church has been supporting Pat, a past member of Calvary Church, as she ministers with GEM/OM (Greater Europe Mission/Operation Mobilization Arts International), training artists to reach artists with the Gospel of Christ, and through painting, writing, dancing, theater, and music making the Lord visible to the world. In addition, Pat finds time to write and publish books of poetry.


Pat & MaryAnn - Christar

Pat and MaryAnn are reaching out with the Gospel to international students studying at their local University, and discipling and mentoring new converts.


Hartford City Mission

A para-church organization seeking to reach unchurched youth in the North End of Hartford, sharing the Good News, developing disciples and transforming their community with God’s kingdom values.


Mark & Carolyn Kinzer - African Inland Mission (AIM)

Mark and Carolyn serve at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya. This Christian school is home to children whose parents are missionaries on the African continent. They are dorm parents to ten 4-6th grade girls.


Tito and JoAnn Pagano - Central Missionary Clearinghouse

Tito and JoAnn served the Lord in Chile and Central America for more than 20 years before returning to the USA where they are now church planting among Spanish-speaking people in Vinelands, and Blackwood NJ.


Scott & Eunie Paulson - AIM AIR

Scott, in co-operation with JAARS, recruits, prepares, evaluates and trains mechanics and pilots for missionary air service in East Africa.

Scott S

Scott is living in East Asia, studying the language of his adopted country, co- leading a music team and a study group centered on the word. He plans to find a position as a University-level English instructor and sharing the Good News with the local people once he's finished school.

Dwight & Miriam Singer - SIM International

Dwight and Miriam served at JETS (Jos ECWA Theological Seminary) in Nigeria for 26 years, but have now returned to the USA. However, Dwight remains on the faculty of JETS and is in demand as a theological educator in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Singapore.


Roy & Helen Stover - African Inland Mission (AIM)

Roy and Helen serve in the Eldama Ravine area of Kenya where Roy pastors their local church. Together they manage a retreat center for missionary families and opened an orphanage and school for local children who could otherwise not attend school due to poverty.